Construction and civil engineering products

"Celbon" Preassembled Reinforcement of R/C Slab for Temporary Opening

This device is a temporary opening unit installed in a construction site for raising lumber for curing and tools from a lower floors to an upper floor. Integrating to a single unit, which conventionally needs multiple job steps for installation, allows to significantly shorten process days and to reduce industrial wastes.

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Naterun water-retentive and permeable urethane soil improvement agent with cushioning properties

This urethane soil improvement agent has superior water retentivity, water permeability, and cushioning properties. Since the agent improves the soil without underdraining and replacing existing soil, no extensive work is required. The cost is reduced to half the conventional cost (of our product) and this leads to reduced work. This product generates no industrial waste and is environmentally friendly.

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All-weather road markings All-Weather Mist Line

A road marking paint that is used to indicate safe and secure road lines that are highly visible under rainy nighttime conditions. The fused injection approach, a construction method developed by the company, is applied to reliably and efficiently fix all-weather reflective elements to the road. This new Line product maintains the functions of drainage pavement and keeps traffic flow safe by achieving superior visibility day or night and regardless of the weather.

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Assembling Soundproof Chamber "Music Cabin"

This product is a prefabricated soundproof chamber developed using the sound proof technology based on the knowledge obtained by the academia-industry cooperation. A short-term construction is achievable by assembling prefabricated soundproof panels with high stiffness which are manufactured in the factory in advance. After construction, sound tuning corresponding to the customer's preference can be performed by altering installation of the acoustic panel or interior materials.

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Anti-slip Resin "Multi Grip" Series

Durable anti-slip resin is developed based on the original design with company-owned know-how. The product is environmental-friendly because it contains no solvents. It is widely employed as anti-sli

p material for anti-slip coating, step identification and other purposes where applicable by railway companies in Tokyo metropolitan area, commercial facilities, and nursing facilities.

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Ecologicon environmentally friendly concrete

Up until now, concrete that was unused at construction sites has been discarded as industrial waste, but with our new specialized facility, this waste product can be refiltered and used just like fresh concrete. Unlike previous recycled concrete products, aggregate elements are removed from the unused, pure concrete state, so there are no impurities like construction waste materials present. The result is a safe and high quality recycled pure concrete product.

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