Disaster prevention product

“OSMOPod” compact high-performance drinkable water production device

This device eliminates viruses, common bacteria, coliform bacteria, ions, and heavy metals using a reverse osmosis (RO) membrane to generate 4,800 liters of drinkable water (for approximately 1,600 people) per day from rivers, wells, and rainwater in an emergency. This lightweight, compact, and easily storable and transferable design works effectively in a disaster.

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“Quick Nap” reserve bedding for use in disaster situations

The air mattress and sleeping bag has both heat insulating and cushioning properties. The air mattress has a check valve that allows use without repair in the event of a hole. In addition, the sleeping bag has a higher heat retaining capacity than a blanket because it is made of aluminum metallized film. Therefore, the combination of the air mattress and the sleeping bag promptly promotes comfortable sleep even in a disaster.

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