Environmental material, device and equipment

Large lithium ion battery cell for power storage

A large lithium ion battery cell made by using fire-resistant olivine-type lithium phosphate as positive-electrode material. Granted safety certification TUV-S for the first time ever in the world by TÜV Rheinland, a global third-party provider of certification services, this product has achieved world-class levels of safety and exceptional performance.

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This product is a portable stand-alone power supply system utilizing solar energy, for which the capacities of power generation and electric storage are designed corresponding to power consumption necessary for the purpose of use. Planning, designing, manufacturing, and installation construction management are performed in a one-stop system. We offer a variety of electric storage system designs for various applications and environments, such as a power supply suspended in the air for an electric illumination warning board in the heavy snowfall area, growth promotion and disease and insect damage prevention for agricultural crops based on a concept of "Making a power supply to the place without the power supply".

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“TNPL series” natural energy-usable direct current feeding LED light dimmer

The direct current feed systems of this series can adjust the illuminance of in-facility LED lights according to the amount of sunshine. Connecting to a solar power generation device or a storage battery enables nighttime power and efficient natural energy to reduce power consumption. These systems are actually used by financial institutions around Kawasaki City.

Tokyo Rectifier Co., Ltd.
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“ElecTrike” electric three-wheeled vehicle

This three-wheeled electric vehicle achieved stable operation by controlling the two rear wheels independently. By saving weight and controlling the maximum speed and travel range, the vehicle is ideal for delivery to neighborhood locations. Since the vehicle can be charged from a household power supply, it can be used even in areas where it is hard to procure gasoline.

ElecTrike Japan Co., Ltd.
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“Siphon washing series” granular filter washing technologies

The filter washing technology of this series will remove and wash only dirt without breaking the granules of the filtering material. The environmentally friendly water treatment device built into the filter eliminates the need for replacing the filter. The products are available in a portable type and an external mounting type for a significant decrease in maintenance and operational costs.

Nihon Genryo Co., Ltd.
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Air-buffer material made with biomass plastic

In order to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions and cut back on the use of petroleum resources, an air-buffer material is made with biomass plastic film produced from plant plastic whose raw ingredient consists of molasses, a residual by-product of the process of extracting edible sugar from sugarcane. This product can even be reused and recycled. Machines for producing the buffer material have also been developed by the company. The fact that users can produce just the amount of air-buffer material that they need on-site thanks to a system for renting machines that eliminates the need to make an initial investment is also an advantage.

Nexusair Co., Ltd.
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Eco (lead-free brass and lead-free aluminum) spacer

The spacer is a fastener component for maintaining the proper space between parts. We offer approximately 50,000 types of spacers and have (an estimated) 60 percent of the Japanese market. Since our eco spacers are made of brass or aluminum and contain no lead, they are RoHS compliant and environmentally friendly.

Hirosugi-Keiki Co., Ltd.
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“YAMA LIGHT series” energy-saving and safe straight tube LED lighting equipment

This straight tube white LED lighting equipment is safe and saves energy. The light has a circuit without a radiation plate in which the design was based on electronic circuit technology accumulated through the EMS service. In addition, the resin light tube weighs only 190 g, which is one of the lightest light tubes in the industry. The product reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 16% compared to other major LED lights.

Yamakatsu Electronics Industry Co., Ltd.
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“UNI-PELE” environmental resin

This antibacterial plastic material is made mainly from natural organic materials (such as bamboo and wheat), can be processed with conventional molding machines, and does not generate toxic gas even when burned. This safe environmental resin has a wide variety of applications, such as eating utensils.

Union Co., Ltd.
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Long-Life Power Supply Without Electrolytic Capacitor For LED Lighting

The issue of quality is becoming more important for LED lights. In general, LED light products use an electrolytic capacitor to keep the quality of the power supply when converting an alternating current into direct current. An electrolytic capacitor has a short life as it becomes from high temperature operation. Its operating limit is considered to be around 40,000 hours. This company has developed a high-efficiency power supply without using an electolytic capacitor, in order to realize a long product life cycle which is several times longer than traditional products. As its light does not flicker, it is ideal for reading, studying, and for high-end lighting.

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