“ZeRo.agri” ICT hydroponic cultivation system

An agricultural cloud system for improving agricultural productivity and enabling small-scale launches when expanding operations. The watering of plants and the application of fertilizer as carried out previously by farmers engaged in the greenhouse cultivation of vegetables and other plants based on experience and intuition can be optimized through automation made possible with IoT and cloud technology. With an initial investment of an amount that can be recouped with a small to medium-sized facility cultivation operation in about one to two years, a user can achieve automation for the purpose of supplying a nutrient solution, the digitization of cultivation guidelines based on experience and intuition, and simple tablet-based operations.

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The skin moisture and oil sensor “Natural Sensor”

This skin measurement device was designed to be easily usable by anyone. Our proprietary technology starts measurement immediately once the sensor is in proper contact, and the visualization function for the extent the device is pushing into the skin improves reproducibility, even among users not accustomed to the measuring process.

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Micro loT Sensor Module "μPRISM (Micro Prism)"

[μPRISM (micro prism)] is a sensor module which can collect data by wireless radio, as this super small-sized module (smaller than a baby finger nail) incorporates all basic sensors used for a IoT system. It has possibilities to be utilized in various fields including manufacturing, logitics, healthcare, and agriculture, when the sensor mountaing space is limited.

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