Measuring equipment and instrument

Laser Doppler velocimeter

This device irradiates a moving or rotating subject using a laser light to measure the speed. Since this does not place any load on the measured object and is not affected by color and surface conditions, this device has a variety of different applications in the manufacturing process of transparent and highly functional films, the development of printing equipment, and on hot metal rolling sites.

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Temperature Accuracy Checking Tool for Infrared Camera

This measurement equipment enables, in a short period of time and at a low cost, to easily implement temperature accuracy checking of infrared cameras used in the equipment diagnosis. In a conventional calibration period, it is difficult to know from when and how much amount of errors occurred. By reducing the calibration period, this equipment allows to ensure the traceability and improve the reliability of the measurement data.

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“SWT-9000 series” digital coating thickness meters

This series of digital coating thickness meters can perform non-destructive measurement of coating thickness. Since these products have a display resolution of 0.1 μm for thickness and require no correction for the effects of noise or drift , data processing capability and usability are superior, and the meters account for 30% of the domestic market share.

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Air power meter

This meter can simultaneously measure the pressure, flow rate, and gas temperature of the compressed air in factories. Digitalizing and visualizing air pressure energy contributed to the achievement of energy conservation.

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Load cell-type multi Vickers hardness tester

This is the first hardness meter in the world that combines different types of meters with different test methods depending on the type of load and material. The cell-type load application mechanism can measure a wide range of loads consistently over a very wide test load range from 50 g to 50 kg. The range from micro to macro can be covered with this product as well.

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Moment Measuring Instrument

This product is a measuring instrument of the position of the center of gravity of turbine blades for hydraulic and thermal power generation. This equipment having two scales for weighing enables to obtain the exact position of the center of gravity using an original technique where a blade under test is fixed on a blade fixture and one end of the fixture is fixed to one scale and the other end is point-contacted to the other scale. The exact positioning of the center of gravity allows to achieve balancing of the turbine rotor and reduce bearing loads at high speed rotation, which leads to safe operation and further improvement of energy conversion efficiency.

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“WM7000 series” EMC (electromagnetic-compatible) noise scanner

This device can measure electromagnetic wave noise from the circuit boards installed inside electronic equipment. Overlaying a clear image of the specimen on a noise map allows the user to easily identify the noise source in detail. The probe supports frequency extensions.

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“Spring motor” flat spiral spring mechanism

This mechanical level meter uses a flat spring as the spring motor and does not require electricity. The unit measures fluid volume based on tape length by hanging the float down to the fluid level using the tape and then rewinds the tape with a specific amount of force to prevent the tape from loosening.

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