Medical and health products

“Salt reduction Monitor” handy salt intake measuring instrument

Conventionally, 24-hour urine collection in a specialized hospital has been required to measure daily salt intake. This salt reduction monitor conveniently measures daily salt intake. This product was developed in collaboration with a university for easy measurement and calculation of daily salt intake at home using a morning urine sample and representing it digitally.

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“VOXELAN” 3D scanner

This non-contact 3D measuring instrument is based on the light-section method where slit-like semiconductor laser scans an object and the reflected light is captured by a CCD camera to create a 3D shape. Since this product is a non-contact type, it is suitable for objects that are impossible to contact and whose shapes change as a result of contact and is mainly utilized in the anthropometric field.

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The skin moisture and oil sensor “Natural Sensor”

This skin measurement device was designed to be easily usable by anyone. Our proprietary technology starts measurement immediately once the sensor is in proper contact, and the visualization function for the extent the device is pushing into the skin improves reproducibility, even among users not accustomed to the measuring process.

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