Special instrument and other product


A patented base sheeting material for hanging large television sets on gypsum wallboard walls safely, quickly, and cost-effectively. Since special processing has been applied to the base sheeting material, it can be inserted into walls through 3 cm x 14 cm openings. Construction work can be completed in a short period of time. Rated for loads of 500 kilograms or more, this material is highly safe. It has been used for the installation of monitors on walls in the nursing stations of the Kawasaki Municipal Hospital.

Earth Clean Co., Ltd.
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ā€œGā€ seismic isolation hardware

This seismic isolation hardware prevents the destruction of tombstones by jointing the respective parts with the connection unit. This product requires the same fieldwork as before, is detachable, and requires no glue. This hardware product has been proven to withstand both horizontal and vertical oscillations and does not fall over even in an oscillation experiment with a seismic intensity of 7. This can be used not only for new tombstones but also for aseismic reinforcement of existing tombstones.

Oki Seki Co., Ltd.
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Flat Pin Gate Bush for Injection Mold

A pin gate bush incorporated in an injection mold is located at the edge of a resin passage. With its taper pin-shape, it cuts off automatically when being molded. The problem for customers is that it causes whisker-like leftovers on products from the gate. This company has developed an original-shaped pin gate bush as their first own product; they adopted a flat-shaped edge instead of traditional perfectly circular-shape, so that resin can be solidified quicker and gate leftovers are consistently smaller.

Ogura Seisakusho Ltd.
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`Dakoku-chan Touch', an attendance management system supporting IC card and facial recognition

This timecard system allows attendance management and personnel recognition. A user simply needs to hold an IC card, like Pasmo or Suica, over the reader. The system generates 4 types of stamps: Present, Clocked Out, Out of the Office, or Returning. Stamp logs can be checked, employee information can be managed, and the system can be linked to payroll software. This system can easily be introduced by a small or medium-sized company, and it allows a company to product prices low in its industry. Impersonation can be prevented through use of the Facial Recognition option based on an open patent from NHK.

Data Process Service Co., Ltd.
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Profit, a software suite for driving schools

Profit is a software suite for driving schools to manage students from entry to graduation. The suite can manage lessons and testing, it can automatically create calendars, and it can manage instructors. Profit supports PCs, touch screens, tablets, and smartphones. The suite has uniquely developed features: it is linked to Pepper, a robot that handles student reception, it has a CTI system, it allows chats via smartphone, and it has AI software. These features help to make work processes more efficient and to optimize resources, with the ultimate goal of fully automating administrative work for driving schools.

PROFIT Corporation
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