14th, Telecommunications / Electronics

Micro loT Sensor Module “μPRISM (Micro Prism)”

Micro loT Sensor Module "μPRISM (Micro Prism)"

[μPRISM (micro prism)] is a sensor module which can collect data by wireless radio, as this super small-sized module (smaller than a baby finger nail) incorporates all basic sensors used for a IoT system. It has possibilities to be utilized in various fields including manufacturing, logitics, healthcare, and agriculture, when the sensor mountaing space is limited.

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14th, Telecommunications / Electronics

4 Axis Interpolation Motion Control LSI “TMC8100”

4 Axis Interpolation Motion Control LSI "TMC8100"

Multiaxis control, such as for industrial robots, requires time to control movements and vibration. Also, in many cases it does not have enough cost-effeciency nor productivity. In order to solve these problems, this company has developed a method of interpolation control by using several large-scale integrations (LSI) to synchronize, and has developed an LSI with a function of smoothly synchronizing all motors in use. This LSI can also be applied for medical or nursing care robots which need complicated and smooth movements similar to humans.

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14th, Interior / Household Products

Hybrid Soap from Kawasaki “Takara-Project Soap”

Hybrid Soap from Kawasaki "Takara-Project Soap"

This bodywash soap was born in Kawasaki, by mixing “Titanium apatite”, a photocatalyst jointly has developed by Tokyo University and FUJITSU LABORATORIES. Ltd., and the technology for “Applitech”, a functional solution has developed by this company. This soap inhibits unpleasant odors and gently keeps the skin clean.

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14th, Technology

Precision Strip Processing Technology for Metal Foil

Precision Strip Processing Technology for Metal Foil

This technology is used to produce metal foils of less than 0.1mm in thickness nonstandardized by JIS, especially to produce ultimately thin micronised foils and tolerances of thickness. This company utilizes their own strip processing know-hows and heat treatment technologies to produce various metal foils, which is said to be difficult to create in the industry. They have established techniques to produce titan foils of 1μm in thickness, and pure magnesium of 2μm in thickness.

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14th, Food Industry

High-Speed Mass Production of Fish Fillets for Sashimi “Bluish Fish Consistent Processing Line”

High-Speed Mass Production of Fish Fillets for Sashimi "Bluish Fish Consistent Processing Line"

Blueish fish such as horse mackerel, sardine, and Pacific saury easily lose their freshness. They should be processed without delay, while they are still cold. Fish processing procedures include removing scales, cutting head, filleting into three pieces, and peeling skin. In general, these procedures require a lot of manpower as they are carried out separately. This product has been developed to cut off waste such as the delay from processing ingredients and requirement of manpower. This line integrates these 4 procedures to realize high-speed mass production of fish fillets for sashimi. This product contributes to eliminate piles of ingredients and save manpower.

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14th, Machining Equipment

Label Peeling Machine

Label Peeling Machine

When labels started to be used, they were manually peeled from a sheet and applied to a product. This company is a pioneer which has developed a label peeling machine 40 years ago to save such manpower. To be used with various label types, this machine is not multi-functional but specialized in peeling. Though the original design has not changed since it was has developed, this machine with its high durability has been used for more than twenty years.

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14th, Parts / Raw Materials

Flat Pin Gate Bush for Injection Mold

Flat Pin Gate Bush for Injection Mold

A pin gate bush incorporated in an injection mold is located at the edge of a resin passage. With its taper pin-shape, it cuts off automatically when being molded. The problem for customers is that it causes whisker-like leftovers on products from the gate. This company has developed an original-shaped pin gate bush as their first own product; they adopted a flat-shaped edge instead of traditional perfectly circular-shape, so that resin can be solidified quicker and gate leftovers are consistently smaller.

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