Machining Equipment

Machining Equipment, 17th

Glass Cutter “ULTILE”, Suited for R&D

Glass Cutter

This cutter is used for cutting a wide variety of substrates for experimental use, including ordinary glass, silicon wafers, and sapphire crystalline substrates. Even beginners can easily cut substrates with its unique and patented functions, such as blade height adjustment and pressure adjustment. In addition, eight types of cutters are available for cutting substrates into sizes optimal along with the purposes of each R&D.

Astellatech, Inc.
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Machining Equipment, 17th

Hydraulic Servo Amplifier “KSV series”

Hydraulic Servo Amplifier

A hydraulic servo amplifier. Unlike conventional products, the output current can easily be switched with an internal switch, according to the rated current of the servo valve. Furthermore, it has both positive and negative feedbacks. It is possible for the PID to be set by a trimmer. It has been introduced in inspection machines and ship anti-rolling devices.

KOENN Co.,Ltd.
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Machining Equipment, 17th

SONOFILE “Ultrasonic Cutter Series”


Their blades vibrate at 20,000 to 40,000 times per second, easily cutting resin products and composite materials that are difficult to cut with ordinary blades. They can be attached to robotic arms for 3D processing, and can operate 24 hours with air cooling. In addition to this product having low initial and running costs and ease of maintenance, it is eco-friendly generating virtually no dust.

SONOTEC Co., ltd.
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Machining Equipment, 14th

Label Peeling Machine

Label Peeling Machine

When labels started to be used, they were manually peeled from a sheet and applied to a product. This company is a pioneer which has developed a label peeling machine 40 years ago to save such manpower. To be used with various label types, this machine is not multi-functional but specialized in peeling. Though the original design has not changed since it was has developed, this machine with its high durability has been used for more than twenty years.

UNIC Sangyo Co., Ltd.
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Machining Equipment, 13th

Parts counter for automobile production lines

Parts counter for automobile production lines

This device supplies the right bolts and nuts to operators in automobile production lines right when they need them and in the proper amounts. This company was matched with the Kawasaki Intellectual Property Exchange Project, received permission to use patents owned by a major corporation, and solved the problems with existing products by implementing proprietary improvements developed through a series of prototypes. The product we created in this way is more user-friendly and practical than any other system up until now.

Mice Co., Ltd.
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