17th, Interior / Household Products

Electrostatic Adhesion Board “ESCLIP”


The development of this display board adopts semiconductor device parts manufacturing technology. It allows paper to be easily adhered to it and peeled from it by utilizing weak static electricity. Custom-made products can be ordered to each customer’s specifications. Thanks to its power saving design, the adhesion lasts for approximately half a year with batteries, even with constant operation. This board is expected to be used for a wide variety of applications, including education and performing arts.

Creative Technology Corporation
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17th, Interior / Household Products

Ski/Snowboard Wax “G-SLIDE WAX series”

Ski/Snowboard Wax

A plant-based ski/snowboard wax developed with a unique cellulose nanofiber dispersion technology. It can achieve the same glide ability as conventional waxes which are mainly made with petroleum paraffin and fluorine. Unlike conventional waxes, it offers professional-grade performance while preserving the environment, and is expected to expand globally.

Seiko Kogyo Co., Ltd.
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17th, Construction

“Avolon Series” Pile Driver/Pullers

These small and medium-sized pile driver/pullers can meet the demands of construction work in urban areas with strict regulations, where it is difficult with large conventional machines. A solo machine can perform both pile driving and pulling by attaching to a crane or an excavator. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, and transport, which can contribute to shortening the construction period, leading to reduced emissions.

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17th, Machining Equipment

Glass Cutter “ULTILE”, Suited for R&D

Glass Cutter

This cutter is used for cutting a wide variety of substrates for experimental use, including ordinary glass, silicon wafers, and sapphire crystalline substrates. Even beginners can easily cut substrates with its unique and patented functions, such as blade height adjustment and pressure adjustment. In addition, eight types of cutters are available for cutting substrates into sizes optimal along with the purposes of each R&D.

Astellatech, Inc.
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17th, Machining Equipment

Hydraulic Servo Amplifier “KSV series”

Hydraulic Servo Amplifier

A hydraulic servo amplifier. Unlike conventional products, the output current can easily be switched with an internal switch, according to the rated current of the servo valve. Furthermore, it has both positive and negative feedbacks. It is possible for the PID to be set by a trimmer. It has been introduced in inspection machines and ship anti-rolling devices.

KOENN Co.,Ltd.
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17th, Machining Equipment

SONOFILE “Ultrasonic Cutter Series”


Their blades vibrate at 20,000 to 40,000 times per second, easily cutting resin products and composite materials that are difficult to cut with ordinary blades. They can be attached to robotic arms for 3D processing, and can operate 24 hours with air cooling. In addition to this product having low initial and running costs and ease of maintenance, it is eco-friendly generating virtually no dust.

SONOTEC Co., ltd.
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