20th, Measuring Instruments

Measurement Fixture “Air-fix”

Measurement Fixture

To accurately measure objects with 3-dimensional measuring devices, it is necessary to fix the object in place so it does not move. This product is a vacuum holding fixture that objects in any place, including stone surface plates and ceramic surface plates that can’t use magnets. Even while an object is being vacuum fixed, a simple press of the exhaust port can easily move and detach it. Compared to existing screw-type fixtures, it reduces the time needed for fixing objects in place.

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20th, Interior / Household Products

Portable Combustor “M.B.K. Grill Pad”

Portable Combustor “M.B.K. Grill Pad”

This product is an assembly-type combustor that does not need any equipment, and can be easily dismantled and assembled with 7 parts. It is lightweight, with all parts being 1.5mm in thickness. It can be repeatedly used with consideration to heat distortion, and is both compact and durable. Because of its design that can perform laser processing to meet the needs of users, they have received inquiries about this product from influencers and events.

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20th, Construction

Environment-Type Concrete Secondary Product “Weed Control Block”

Environment-Type Concrete Secondary Product “Weed Control Block”

When dealing with weeds that overgrow in road curbs, it’s necessary to do regular removal work to maintain walking spaces and improve the scenery. This weed control block is aimed at government institutions that are tasked with road maintenance. It uses characteristics that lead plant seeds and stems to grow upwards, and roots to sense the weight and grow downwards. It leads the plants themselves to control their growth, which reduces future weed removal work (removing weeds and spraying weed killers, and is expected to reduce environmental burden.

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20th, Food Industry

Share-Type Soybean Sorting Machine “YOUJINBOU”

Share-Type Soybean Sorting Machine

This product has a compact design that makes it easy to move. It is a soybean sorting machine aimed at small-scale farmers, which can be shared by several farmers. It’s simple to maintain and has a construction that is easy for anyone to use, and can reduce the burden of soybean sorting work, which farmers carry about by hand.
In addition, it can contribute to employment of disabled people by placing it in welfare facilities, and lead to the creation of local industries.

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20th, Crime Prevention / Disaster Prevention

Mamoru-kun A – a device that prevents children being left behind by kindergarten busses

Mamoru-kun A - a device that prevents children being left behind by kindergarten busses

To prevent children from being left behind, this product has an alarm function that urges bus crew to inspect the inside of the vehicle after driving. It also has a simple configuration with integrated buttons that let users know about emergencies from kindergarten children. In addition, the device is installed with a “mischief prevention circuit” that does not malfunction even if a child accidentally operates it while the bus is running. It has an excellent sales record and is used by bus manufacturers. It is also expected to be used for the elderly and in the nursing care field in the future.

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