16th, Environment / Energy

“Cheetah Bolt Cable” Power Saving-Type Heater

"Cheetah Bolt Cable" Power Saving-Type Heater

This heater cable uses a sheet heater made from a high heat generating material, which can generate heat up to 1,200 °C in a few seconds. Its excellent temperature raising speed and waterproof property can be used for gardening and snow melting. Furthermore, it can flexibly be installed according to the size and need. This clean and powerful heating system, that doesn’t use fossil fuels, can contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

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16th, Interior / Household Products

High-Performance Snowboard Binding Accessory “PLATEPIA®

High-Performance Snowboard Binding Accessory "PLATEPIA®"

Disk plate for a catch (“binding”) to connect the snowboard “board” and “boots”. Compared to the conventional thick, heavy, and hard bindings, this product is overwhelmingly light and flexible, which will help athletes by reducing fatigue and increase performance. The number of snowboarders has been increasing all over the world. This product will improve their technical level, which will contribute to the development in the entire snowboarding industry.

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16th, Food Industry

“Now Field Smoker for Ovens” Smoker for cold smoking also

"Now Field Smoker for Ovens" Smoker for cold smoking also

This smoker freely controls smoke. Hot, warm, and cold smoking are possible. In spite of its simple structure, it has strengths such as being practical, multifunctional, and easy to maintain. Authentic smoking can be easily done at home. Small restaurants, which cannot install large smokers outside due to their location, can also smoke in their kitchen, which will contribute to expanding the menu offered.

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16th, Food Industry

High-Quality, Low-Price, and Stylish Ticket Vending Machine “FMC-27VA”

High-Quality, Low-Price, and Stylish Ticket Vending Machine "FMC-27VA"

A large 27-inch touch panel display is incorporated in this stylish ticket vending machine. It is successfully downsized, as it is composed of very high-precision metal plates to eliminate unnecessary space inside the body. Power saving was also realized. Its power consumption is 90 w, which is less than half that of other ticket vending machines with equivalent specifications. This product can be installed in small shops in metropolitan areas, which will contribute to solving the labor shortage, while realizing streamline operations.

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16th, Food Industry

“AgriChem” Simple test kit for pesticide residue

"AgriChem" Simple test kit for pesticide residue

This test kit can detect pesticide residue on farm products and so on, without requiring any dedicated instruments. It can perform high-sensitivity residual testing for organophosphorus pesticide and carbamate pesticide, at a low cost and in a short time. Compared to conventional methods (instrumental analysis), it can perform screening procedures at an overwhelmingly cheap cost and in a short time, which can significantly increase the number of tests, and can deliver “safety and security of the food” to more consumers.

Institute of Microchemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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16th, Food Industry

“Aging Sheet” Sheet to produce aged ingredients

"Aging Sheet" Sheet to produce aged ingredients

Bacteria harmless to the human body, which can be used for aging, are pure-cultures to collect their spores and attach them to this sheet, so that “anyone” can age meat or other ingredients “with consistent quality” “in a short period”. It can shorten the inventory period and increase work efficiency at restaurants, while stabilizing the aging quality which usually varies. It can offer the safety and security of the food to consumers.

Meat Epoch Co., Ltd.
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16th, Food Industry

“Night Cover” Cover for freezing and refrigeration showcases

"Night Cover" Cover for freezing and refrigeration showcases

During the closing hours of the store, it covers the openings of showcases to prevent leakage of cold air. Its lineup, including ones jointly developed with a large enterprise, have a better permeability compared to conventional products, and no frost. It has already been introduced to many supermarkets and convenience stores, to protect perishable and frozen products from dusts, keep them cold or hot, and contribute to cost reduction thanks to its power-saving effect.

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16th, Healthcare / Welfare

“eDENNOSUKE KUN” Non-contact type monitoring sensor for medical and nursing purpose

"eDENNOSUKE KUN" Non-contact type monitoring sensor for medical and nursing purpose

Advanced image processing technology is adopted to this monitoring sensor for medical and nursing purpose, to analyze images obtained by a high-performance infrared camera for vehicles utilizing irradiation of infrared LED, in order to consistently detect and provide information about the cared person when they “wake up” and “leave the bed”. It substantially reduces false reports, no reports, and ensures the reports do not slip through. In the nursing industry which has difficulties in securing human resources due to low birthrate and aging, this product will contribute in reducing the burdens on caregivers, and solve the labor shortage at facilities.

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16th, Healthcare / Welfare

Whole Body Capillary Scope “GOKO Bscan Series”

Whole Body Capillary Scope "GOKO Bscan Series"

Microscope developed through the manufacturer’s optical technology. Its very clear images make it easy to observe capillaries. Its optical zoom for a wide range of magnifications, from low to very high, does not require lens exchanges, which also makes it easy to observe capillaries on the whole body surface. Glare Proof observation is also possible with an optional cap (patent pending). Furthermore, it can easily be handled as it is small and lightweight. This product has already been utilized in a wide range of fields, including the medical, beauty, and health. By enabling users to see and quantify the shape and blood flow of capillary blood vessels, it supports business cooperation in fields such as medical care, beauty, and health.

GOKO Imaging Devices Co., Ltd.
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16th, Healthcare / Welfare

Shower Head Position Adjustment Apparatus “BV SHOWER ARM”

Shower Head Position Adjustment Apparatus "BV SHOWER ARM"

This shower arm is to adjust the shower head to the position and angle to the preference of the user, and fix the shower head to a comfortable position. The position of the shower head can be pulled toward the user by 20 cm by only inserting this product in the existing shower holder, reducing the burden of raising and lowering the arm. It enables those who cannot move freely, due to symptoms such as rheumatism and arthralgia, to take showers without stress.

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16th, Parts / Raw Materials

“MT Cassette” Cassette Mold System

"MT Cassette" Cassette Mold System

Cassette mold system for plastic injection molding. Unlike the conventional built-in type molds, this product divided the mold into the “mold base” and “mold cores”, to be able to form many types of moldings by simply exchanging mold cores. Compared to conventional molds, it is “low cost”, “space saving”, and has a “short delivery time”. Furthermore, it can reduce warehousing costs and the use of steel materials, which will contribute to reducing the impact on the environment.

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