IoT product

11th, IoT product

“ZeRo.agri” ICT hydroponic cultivation system

“ZeRo.agri” ICT hydroponic cultivation system

ZeRo.agri is an agricultural IoT device that calculates and automatically supplies the optimal amount of irrigation to grow crops. With its Iot and AI technologies, it is possible to increase crop yields, stabilize quality, and expand production scale. Experiences and intuitions have also been digitalized, which is also ideal to support new producers. The amount of irrigation and fertilizing, as well as concentration can be changed through cell phone, PC, and tablet. In conjunction with LINE, it is also possible to receive residual volume control warnings of liquid fertilizer tanks, etc.

Routrek Networks, Inc.
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13th, IoT product

The skin moisture and oil sensor “Natural Sensor”

The skin moisture and oil sensor “Natural Sensor”

This skin measurement device was designed to be easily usable by anyone. Our proprietary technology starts measurement immediately once the sensor is in proper contact, and the visualization function for the extent the device is pushing into the skin improves reproducibility, even among users not accustomed to the measuring process.

Nihon System Research Institute Inc.
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14th, IoT product

Micro loT Sensor Module “μPRISM (Micro Prism)”

Micro loT Sensor Module "μPRISM (Micro Prism)"

[μPRISM (micro prism)] is a sensor module which can collect data by wireless radio, as this super small-sized module (smaller than a baby finger nail) incorporates all basic sensors used for a IoT system. It has possibilities to be utilized in various fields including manufacturing, logitics, healthcare, and agriculture, when the sensor mountaing space is limited.

Elecs Industry Co., Ltd.
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16th, IoT product

“Demand Forecasting AI -Hawk-” AI system for shops to forecast the number of visitors

"Demand Forecasting AI -Hawk-" AI system for shops to forecast the number of visitors

This AI forecasts the number of visitors of a shop for up to the next 45 days, by inputting the previous data such as the number of visitors and sales. Even small and medium-sized enterprises can casually introduce this product, as it does not require special capital investment. Its high-precision demand forecast will be especially effective for store businesses which suffer from food waste, such as bakeries and fresh sweets shops. It can solve social problems, such as reduction of food loss and reforming work styles. Furthermore, it can also be used to forecast the number of staff shifts, which will contribute to reducing labor costs.

ROX Inc.
Address 209 Venture Max, 2-10-3 Kizuki, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi 211-0025, Japan