18th, Environment / Energy

High Performance Recycled Plastic “Daiplast-Wood”

High Performance Recycled Plastic "Daiplast-Wood"

In order to create this recycled plastic, they sort and crush waste plastic materials such as electric wire coating materials, melt them with heat, inject them into molds, and cool them. With their unique raw material production technologies and molding technologies, the company has achieved a strong and durable (“strong,” “unbreakable,” “rot-proof,” and “rust-proof”) plastic, which has changed the image of conventional recycled plastics.
In addition to its demand as industrial materials for railways, automobiles, and construction, this plastic has also been widely used, including as weights to prevent soccer goals from tipping over.

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18th, Telecommunications / Electronics

Recommendation System “Ten Voice”

Recommendation System "Ten Voice"

This recommendation system is based on NTT’s open patent, with the addition of the company’s original improvements. It creates models for each attribute, such as family and friends, using the history of past users of the service, in order to provide highly accurate recommendations even to customers who are new to the service.
In addition, it can be tuned to fit each store’s products and customer base, so that it can provide a high quality recommendation system at a low price.
In the future, this system is expected to be used also for introducing human resources, mainly in the fields of restaurant and retail.

ZENK Co., Ltd.
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18th, Telecommunications / Electronics

Remote Automatic Reboot Device “NON FREEZE”

Remote Automatic Reboot Device "NON FREEZE"

This device solves issues of freezing of electronic devices hidden in the expanding IoT world. When detecting abnormalities in electronic devices (information and communication devices), it reboots the power supply and recovers the device from its frozen (system stop) state to its normal.
The entire series of operations are performed automatically.
In addition to domestic demand, it is expected to be used overseas in the future.

Value Solution Inc.
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18th, Measuring Instruments

Sound Source Visualization System “SoundViewer”

Sound Source Visualization System "SoundViewer"

By recording and filming the direction you would like to explore, with 32 microphone arrays arranged in a unique layout (patented by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.), and the camera in the center, you can analyze and display the frequency components and sound pressure levels each time with a PC application. In addition, by matching the analysis results on the filmed image, you can visualize where sound (strange sounds) are occurring. With microphone arrays that can expand and contract, you can perform a wide range of measurements from 250Hz to 12kHz.

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18th, Technology

Heat Exchanger “Cold Plate”

Heat Exchanger "Cold Plate"

This heat exchanger consists of a copper pipe embedded in a cooling block made of aluminum. The iron plating applied around the copper pipe prevents melting and deformation of the copper pipe during the casting of the aluminum, while improving the adhesion between the copper pipe and the cooling block.
Due to the high cost of copper material with high heat exchangeability properties, stainless steel pipes are usually embedded in the material. However, this product can reduce the cost by improving heat exchangeability.
In the future, this product is expected to be used as a component for equipment in the field of communications.

SANTEC Co., Ltd.
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