The logo mark of the
Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand

As a mark of products and technologies that have been certified as Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand items, this logo mark consists of wings formed from a stylized version of the Chinese character for kawa (river) in Kawasaki. Representing intelligence and technology, these wings are shown taking everlasting global flight. The blue color symbolizes eternity, excellence, and profound intelligence, while the orange color embodies the enthusiasm, dynamic vigor, and passion that are inherently found in technology.

What is the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand

The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Program identifies products and technologies manufactured by small to medium-sized enterprises in Kawasaki that are certified by the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council as products and technologies that are superior in terms of originality, innovativeness, quality-control measures, sales performance, future potential, and contribution to society.

As of the thirteenth year of this program since certification activities began, seventy-eight products and technologies have been certified to date from industrial products and processing technologies that provide a direct boost to manufacturing to consumer products that harness unique designs and ideas.

Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council

The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council was established primarily by the city of Kawasaki and the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry in order to communicate the superiority of products and technologies offered by small to medium-sized enterprises within the city and their exceptional potential to interested parties both inside and outside the city and thereby contribute to the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector in Kawasaki.

Led by the of the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the Chairperson of this council and the mayor of Kawasaki City a sits special adviser, the council has brought together local and nonlocal public-sector support organizations, private-sector support organizations, financial institutions, trade associations, experienced scholars, well-informed persons, and experts to carry out its activities, such as the cultivation of sales channels for certified products and technologies through a brand-certification program, public relations and media outlets, and participation in exhibitions.

Transmitting from Kawasaki, a town where creative powers are cultivated


Osamitsu Yamada, Chairperson
(Chairman, Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council

In collaboration with the municipal administration of the city of Kawasaki, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry has promoted the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Certification Program in order to encourage the development and growth of small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises and venture companies. This year marks the eleventh year of this program.

We certify superior industrial products and technologies offered by small to medium-sized local enterprises and provide those enterprises with support by sharing information on the manufacturing prowess of this city with interested parties both in Japan and overseas.

No matter how much the economic environment changes, manufacturing according to the wants and needs of customers is a basic approach. Massive success can be obtained by combining seemingly unrelated elements or even a single idea. I believe that it is important to boldly take on challenges and create with new ideas made possible by learning from the past.

Each year, applications from companies representing a wide range of fields are received for the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Certification Program. I am constantly amazed by the power of manufacturing generated time after time right here in Kawasaki. Some companies have been active in the environmental field and others have otherwise engaged in operations overseas. I truly look forward to seeing companies handling goods and services for export to global markets emerge in the years to come.

Kawasaki is an attractive international industrial city blessed by access to land, sea, and air transportation.

New industrial sectors and products have been conceived here and sustainable growth through innovation has long been a hallmark of this city.

Small to medium-sized enterprises are a source of urban vigor and hold the key to the revitalization of the local economy. As we continue to support the development and growth of exceptional small to medium-sized enterprises based in the city, the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the appearance of any key industry that could help induce the economic revitalization of communities and of Japan itself.

Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand, crown jewels of an industrial city


Norihiko Fukuda, Special Adviser
(Mayor of Kawasaki City)
Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council

Many small to medium-sized enterprises offering superior products and technologies are based in Kawasaki, a city that became what it is today as the industrial engine of Japan.

The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Certification Program is a program that certifies products and technologies conceived by small to medium-sized enterprises in Kawasaki that are exceptional in order to provide support for the cultivation and expansion of sales channels for such products and technologies and to promote Kawasaki as a potent industrial city to others across Japan and overseas.

Products and technologies certified to date include advanced industrial products and processing technologies that serve to bolster manufacturing and products that contribute to the safety and security of citizens as they live amid the looming issues posed by an aging society and rising awareness of environmental and disaster-prevention issues. A broad range of fields are represented by these products and technologies.

These certified products and technologies harness the manufacturing strengths that are uniquely associated with small to medium-sized enterprises and that enable the underlying needs and issues affecting society to be accurately discerned and flexibly resolved.

We expect to see brand-certified product sand technologies as the crown jewels of the industrial city of Kawasaki in order to contribute to the well-being of people around the world. By collaborating with concerned organizations, we will continue to promote the Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Certification Program and involve ourselves in the revitalization of industry in Kawasaki.

Kawasaki City

Innovation City, where cutting-edge industries and high-quality fundamental technologies converge

  • Located in the center of the Tokyo metropolitan area, Kawasaki City offers excellent transportation access through its road and train networks that spread over the entire country. It is also located close to Haneda Airport, whose convenience has significantly improved in recent years by further expansion and internationalization.
  • Kawasaki City is shifting its industrial structure from one that focuses on heavy industries that have long supported the development of Japanese economy as core industries in the Keihin industrial district to another that focuses on knowledge-intensive, high-value added industries that promote prototype/product development while leveraging the characteristics of urban-type industrial areas.
  • Kawasaki City is transforming itself into a research development city, which embraces not only small and medium-sized enterprises with high manufacturing techniques, but also over 200 research and development organizations, including global companies.
  • Kawasaki City aims to contribute to the international community through the international transfer of environmental technologies by supporting the global development of companies in the city, which have long-accumulated environmental technologies.

Overview of Kawasaki City
Area: 144.35 km2 (as of March 8, 2012)
Population: 1,461,909 (as of January 1, 2015)
Number of households: 687,960 (as of January 1, 2015)

Kawasaki City from aStatistical Viewpoint

<Comparison with major cities>

Census of Manufacturers(2014)
Business establishments with four employees or more

Business Establishment


Percentage of employees in academic and development research organizations
Number of employees in academic and development research organizations ÷ total number of employees in all industries x 100
1 Kawasaki 2.38
2 Yokohama 1.06
3 Chiba 0.72
4 Sagamihara 0.70
5 Kobe 0.59
6 Kyoto 0.51
7 Sendai 0.44
8 Saitama 0.38
9 Special wards of Tokyo 0.36
10 Sapporo 0.34
11 Hmamatsu 0.22
12 Shizuoka 0.21
13 Osaka 0.20
14 Niigata 0.20
15 Kitakyushu 0.15
16 Nagoya 0.14
17 Kumamoto 0.14
18 Hiroshima 0.14
19 Okayama 0.10
20 Fukuoka 0.08
21 Sakai 0.06
  Average 0.43


(1 million yen)

Manufactured goods shipment value per employee
Manufactured goods shipment value ÷ number of employees
1 Kawasaki 94.5
2 Sakai 75.3
3 Sendai 70.3
4 Chiba 59.8
5 Hiroshima 50.3
6 Yokohama 47.8
7 Kobe 44.7
8 Kitakyushu 44.3
9 Shizuoka 39.1
10 Nagoya 35.4
11 Okayama 35.2
12 Sagamihara 34.7
13 Kyoto 33.7
14 Nigata 31.2
15 Osaka 30.8
16 Fukuoka 30.7
17 Hamamatsu 28.6
18 Saitama 28.4
19 Special wards Tokyo 21.3
20 Kumamoto 20.8
21 Sapporo 19.1
  Average 41.7

Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council



Secretariat and Contact Information

Planning and PR Division, Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry

3F, Kawasaki Frontier Bldg., 11-2, Ekimaehoncho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki, Kanagawa 210-0007

Tel: +81-44-211-4112

Fax: +81-44-211-4118

Industrial Promotion Section, Economy and Labor Affaires Bureau, Kawasaki City

10F, Kawasaki Frontier Bldg., 11-2, Ekimaehoncho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki Kanagawa 210-0007

Tel: +81-44-200-2324

Fax: +81-44-200-3920

The Kawasaki Monodukuri Brand Promotion Council comprises a chairman (chairman of the Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry and special advisor to the mayor of Kawasaki City) and other members, including the chief of the Economy and Labor Bureau of Kawasaki City, chairman of the Kawasaki Industry Promotion Foundation, public and private supporters, financial institutions, and trade associations, as well as persons with relevant knowledge and experience and experts.